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RC Planes - Tips and Guide to Buying RC Model Planes

Learn about the fun hobby of flying rc planes and an overview to the exciting world of radio controlled air planes.

Electric rc planes are best for beginners. These are powered by small electric motors and rechargeable batteries. Choose from kits, almost ready to fly (ARF) and ready to fly (RTF) models. The easiest way to get started would be to get the RTF rc planes.

You can also choose to buy rc jet planes which are electric ducted fan or with gas powered engines. Jets are fast and best suited for experienced hobbyists.

Gas rc planes are also commonly called nitro planes. These models use special hobby fuel that is a mixture of methanol, lubricant and nitro methane.

There are also specialty model kits such as rc float planes that take off and land in water. Taking off and landing in the sea or lake adds to the realism of the hobby.

If you live in the city or crowded areas, you will love the micro or mini rc planes. These small and light models are designed to fly indoors, in your garage or living room.

And for buyer's, there are plenty of rc planes for sale. If you are looking for a great deal, used models (i.e. second hand) can be found from buy/sell forums.

For brand new units, there are plenty of online hobby shops that usually sell at discounted prices.

Have fun flying!

P.S. Some of the most popular brands are GWS, HobbyZone and Megatech. Try their cheap starter planes.

P.P.S. There is also an articles and tips section to help you learn more about this fun and relaxing hobby. Subscribe to magazines to keep you updated on the latest model plane reviews. And watch videos to get you excited about the hobby.

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