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Grand Wing Servo-Tech
GWS RC Planes

GWS is a Taiwan based company that produces a lot of great park flyers and rc planes for beginners. Main products include remote control airplanes (electric, gas, gliders), rc helicopters, speed controllers, gyros, ducted fan power systems, radio control systems and more.

Photo Credit: Below are photos of popular beginner and intermediate models from the official website of GWS at www.gws.com.tw.

For beginners, choose the Pico Stick models:

GWS RC Planes for Beginners

For intermediate modelers, choose the Big Tiger Moth aircraft series:

GWS RC Planes for Intermediate Modelers

Here is a picture of the Tiger Moth in flight:

Where Can I Buy GWS RC Planes?

Visit the online hobby shops page for a list of online stores selling the GWS Stick and Tiger Moth rc planes.

Below are more companies selling rc planes. Shop and buy online!

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RC Planes for Sale
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