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Lithium Polymer LIPO Rechargeable Battery Tips

LIPO batteries are the newest battery technology used for electric rc model planes. Learn how to charge, discharge and care for Lipo rechargeable batteries.

Photo of a LIPO battery pack used in rc model planes.Each LIPO battery cell has a voltage of 3.7volts. For electric rc model planes, a typical Lipo battery pack is made of 3 cells wired in series, producing 11.1 volts. This setup is commonly referred to as 3S.

Charging - LIPO charging is very delicate. First you need to buy a charger specifically designed to charge LIPO batteries. Then make sure that the Li-Po charger you buy can handle the number of cells in your battery pack. For example if you have a 3S LIPO pack, you cannot use a 2 cell LIPO charger.

Discharging - LIPO batteries do not have a "memory" effect, so there is no need to perform a complete discharge. Overdischarging will cause damage.

Storing - It is recommended that LIPO batteries be stored with a small amount of charge still left in it.

Tip: Be very careful with LIPO batteries. These may explode if charged incorrectly or damaged in a plane crash. Some of the recommended chargers are the AstroFlight 109 Lithium Polymer Charger and the E-Flite Celectra 1-3 Cell Li-Poly Charger.

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